drawings to stimulate the senses

My third solo exhibition was held at The Gallery @ Pikes, Pikes Wines, Polish Hill River Road, Sevenhill, via Clare, SA 5453. 1 Feb – 26 March 2014. A second iteration of Sensurious was shown at Magpie Springs, Hope Forest, SA 5172, from 10 Oct 2014 until 26 January 2015, with accompanying poems by Ian Gibbins. A video version of the drawings and poems was short-listed for the Red Room Company New Shoots Poetry Prize (2016). Click here to see the video.

These works are a celebration of produce from the garden, vineyard, orchard, or greenhouse that we collect for our kitchens and dining rooms and in most cases eventually consume! The pleasure we gain from this produce is amplified by simultaneous stimulation of multiple senses – vision, touch, smell, taste and even sound – and can be further enhanced when we grow the produce ourselves. Such stimulation forms memories so vivid that the full sensory experience can be evoked in the future by just a quick glimpse or whiff or feel.