SALA 2020: Judy Morris Botanicals

South Australian Living Artists Festival, 1-31 August, 2020

Welcome to my on-line gallery of recent drawings plus a virtual tour of my studio in the Adelaide Hills.

I am constantly on the lookout in my garden, nearby parks and reserves and my local florist for interesting subjects for my drawings of the natural world, be they living or long past their prime. To see the details of my subjects, I routinely take multiple photographic images in various lighting conditions in the field or in my studio, then enlarge the images digitally. In this way I have replaced the microscopes from my previous scientific days with my macro lens and computer software. To encourage others to appreciate the beauty I see in the details of nature, my drawings are routinely large in scale with the subjects greatly magnified. I use only graphite or coloured pencil – I find the slow process of large drawings on paper quite meditative, although frustration can rear up at times! An essential part of my current art practice is to identify and research my subjects. While I don’t restrict myself to botanicals, plants of many types and developmental stages feature commonly in my recent work, examples of which are shown in the video and the gallery below.

Virtual studio tour

Gallery of recent drawings